Durchmesser bis 4,5m

Diameters of up to 177 inches

Wanddicken bis 105mm

Wall thicknesses of up to 4.13 inches

Längen bis 38 m

Single pipe lengths of up to 38 meters

Material in höchster Qualität

Many of the highest quality materials

Quer- und Ausschnitte

Pipe profiling

Diameters. Wall thicknesses. Lengths. Materials. Pipe profiling.


Large-diameter pipes in fabulous dimensions

At our site in Erndtebrück we manufacture pipes with diameters of up to 177 inches, lengths of up to 1,500 inches, wall thicknesses of up to 4.13 inches – and in many different grades of material.

Nearly every size is infinitely variable. We provide reliable quality for your individual solutions.

Pre-fabrication, further processing, specific machining of pipe ends or pipe profiling for precise mitre cuts and cut-outs – when it comes to the highest possible quality, we go above and beyond.
Dimension of up to
177 inches
16 to 177 inches
Everything in between is possible!!
Wall thicknesses of up to
4.13 inches
0.2 to 4.13 inches
Everything in between is possible!
Pipe profiling
in various dimensions
Machining of pipes with
Diameters of 7.8 to 118 inches
Lengths up to 34 meters
Unit weight up to 30 tonnes
Single pipe lenghts of up to
38 meters
up to 38 meters
in one piece
Carbon steel and stainless steel
of the highest quality
Non-alloy steel
up to high quality steel


Fabulous possibilities

For over 40 years we have been manufacturing large-diameter pipes of the highest quality in our factory in Erndtebrück. We routinely handle huge challenges in the development and production of ambitious steel pipe solutions. Our 70 employees have demonstrated their experience, comprehensive know-how, flexibility and extraordinary dedication in many projects – you can depend on us. 

Customers worldwide from the fields of container and steel construction, construction technology, chemistry, energy production, offshore and more rely on our unique flexibility and quality.

Our „Made in Germany“ product and service portfolio is rounded out by a range of national and international certificates and standards. We are particularly proud of our environmental management according to ISO 14001 and our latest certification: From now on we can supply pipes according to ASME Section I, IV und VIII Div. 1 with part stamps.



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